Vazios construídos, Bahia , 2017

Our project More than Living is presented in the context of the “Exposição Vazios Construídos” exhibition at the Université Fédérale de Bahia, Brésil. The organisation of this exhibition is part of the “Vides Construits” recycling project, which was developed together with the Lugar Comun research group of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. The exhibition focuses on the urban space of the traditional commercial and industrial centre of Salvador, which since the second half of the 20th century has undergone the process of losing its original functions and being depleted and has lost much of its quality. The organisation highlights the need to think about intervention strategies for the vacant sites which consider not only the physical but also the socio-ecological context in which they are used. Furthermore, several national and international references are presented, which are characterised by the definition of social interest, participatory processes, and democratic management. The exhibition takes place in one of the empty spaces mapped by the research, so that the content of the exhibition and its presence in an abandoned space contribute to its problematisation and redefinition.