Beiersdorf is restructuring its factory premises in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel to make the company’s headquarters fit for the future, both in terms of architecture and organisation. Last year, the company decided to concentrate on the Troplowitzstrasse premises until 2021 and to build a new corporate headquarters there. On the site of Beiersdorf’s current corporate headquarters between Unnastrasse and Quickbornstrasse, an urban redevelopment is to take place. TROMA, Beiersdorf’s pension fund and owner of the site, is planning to build rental apartments for its existing portfolio. Housing construction is to be supplemented with residential facilities. The aim is to develop a new lively residential and urban neighbourhood in the heart of the Eimsbüttel district. This also includes the planning of high-quality open spaces in the quarter with links to the surrounding green spaces. The project is accompanied by extensive civic involvement in the planning process for the new quarter.