• © architecture: Duplex architects; visualisation: ​indievisual AG

Like many other Swiss agglomerations with an industrial character, Kriens is distinguished by a heterogeneous, disparate settlement pattern and the linear spread of the town centre along a development axis. We see the opening up and urban development of the Bell grounds as an opportunity for developing the depth of the town centre and, at the same time, maintaining the linear order of the former ribbon village. In our view, the much-criticised heterogeneity of settlement structures in agglomeration communities is a potential. We are not aiming to create harmony and uniformity, but to transform the direct juxtaposition of different settlement types into a high-contrast coexistence. The surrounding streetscapes determine the morphology, and each of the new building blocks enters into an individual dialogue with them. The new centre with park and halls is interwoven in terms of urban space and function with differently designed stepping stones to the area. As plaza-like access points, they offer public services tailored to the context and therefore also mediate functionally between the two worlds.
The partial conversion of the Bell factory is intended to express both the diversity required for the development of the Kriens town centre and the identity of Kriens’ industrial history.