Different living in old age, Oberrieden , 2016, 2nd prize

The tranquil atmosphere of the “Winkelhalden” residential development is to be disturbed as little as possible by the new buildings. The heterogeneous urban planning approach divides the entire construction volume into acceptable units. The new silhouette leaves enough room for the neighbouring buildings so that their lake view is only marginally affected. Active, self-determined living and habitation in old age is defined by the choreography of public uses throughout the complex. A bistro as well as studio and music rooms are located around the “Piazza”. The networks of paths through the outdoor space ties the whole ensemble together. The landscaping concept for the estate is a nature-orientated design that uses landscape elements to create an exciting outdoor space. The houses are accessed via the common, semi-private loggia layer. The continuous, open pergola turns into a meeting place. Due to the hillside location, each house can be entered on two levels: from the upper section of the slope, with an outdoor space to be designed in a participative manner, and from a side entrance on the lower level, with the assigned common room and launderette. The structural concept of the lever bar system allows several apartments to be combined into larger units. The individual living units are conceived as a modular system.