Housing Development Am Lichtenauerweg, Hamburg , 2018, 1st PRIZE

We propose an open and permeable residential development as a strong and at the same time distinctive urban figure. The rows of houses meandering on the north-south axis open up to the north with residential courtyards, while the green courtyards are oriented to the south. This allows a clear view of the landscape from almost every apartment. The new estate is characterised by a gentle height differentiation from the south to the north and adequate densification in the heterogeneous quarter. The three- to four-storey building volumes make reference to the row structures of the existing neighbouring development, but create more clearly defined exterior spaces. A variety of defined open spaces is decisive for a high-quality living environment. They create room for neighbourly communication and maintaining social contacts, but are also intended to provide opportunities for retreat and security. With a versatile sequence of outdoor spaces, our design creates a varied quarter for the new residents.