• Architecture: Duplex Architects, visualizations: Paulina Bonowicz

Both building sites have at least one façade that is exposed to noise. While on site A the south façade cannot comply with the limit values at night, the north and east façades on site D are affected by street noise. The floor plans therefore differ according to the situation. On the northern building site, the interplay of the floor plan arrangement and the volumetric design of the buildings results in an exciting typology for housing with noise exposure: a generous sequence of rooms consisting of living, dining and cooking areas extends between the street and the garden, allowing ventilation of all rooms via the quiet façade. Large balconies extend the living space into the garden. The volumetric measures, such as bay windows and loggias, on the southern building site achieve an effective noise protection effect. The open room sequences always link two façades facing in different directions at the corner. This allows the rooms exposed to noise to be ventilated via the quiet side. The long building length facing the noisy Gutstrasse requires an additional measure: two-storey laundry rooms and additional uses such as home offices, music and playrooms create an attractive inner neighbourhood. The small apartments are grouped into communities of 12 units around the shared infrastructure.