The “Herz Dame” project aims at the consistent recognisability of the base volume and ward tower. The construction area is fully occupied, which, on the one hand, ensures favourable conditions for horizontally organised hospital processes and, on the other hand, supports the clarity of the open areas defined in the master plan. The simple, compact structure also offers a good ratio of enveloping surfaces to volume and thus generates an energetically and economically favourable starting position. The central structuring element is a generous space punched out of the base. This internal hall brings daylight all the way to the entrance level and guarantees simple & orientation. Versatile views into and from the building support interdisciplinary communication. The hall is the actual place of arrival and becomes a hub for all patients and visitors of the future Inselspital—which allows or even requires such an expansive gesture to do justice to this significance. At first glance, the Inselspital presents itself to the visitor as an open facility and reveals a controlled transparency that creates trust.