Kiosk for the new Enge harbour promenade, Zurich , 2021

  • Architecture: Duplex Architects, Landscape architecture: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG, visualizations: Vivivd Vision

The kiosk does not want to be more than it is. It is not a sculpture or an object seeking attention but carefully placed functional architecture. A place where you can get something to eat, with two integrated toilet units. It doesn’t pretend to be either big or small, it simply stands there. The kiosk has a lengthwise orientation, like the promenade itself, and seeks the proximity of the large pagoda trees that fill one end of the harbour promenade. The sloping “nose” stretches out towards the open space, a canopy offers shelter. On the other side, one is welcomed by a bench. There is no back, the small building is accessible from all sides. Facing the lake, generous glass display cases offer enough space to present small delicacies. The lift-up windows can be opened individually so that – depending on the season – one, two or even three people can work side by side. In the cold season, only the two front windows are open so that the interior does not cool down too much. When there is a big rush, the length helps to ensure a speedy process. The roof construction offers space for a robust wooden roller shutter, which provides a secure barrier at night and in winter months. In the evening, the kiosk can be closed in a few easy steps. The roof is detached from the building structure and mounted on the wooden substructure. The glass strip makes the kiosk appear light and permeable from both sides. Thanks to the parallel flanks, the building blends in well with the building lines without completely subordinating itself to the flow of movement. After all, this kiosk on the new harbour promenade is allowed to have a little edge to it.