On the one hand, the vision of the master plan defines clear interfaces between the residential area and the landscape, and on the other hand, a high degree of permeability is required. We interpret the residential development as a series of individual city villas that serve as connecting links through their loggias. In this way, the building areas are precisely framed on the outer edges, while at the same time, various visual references are created between inside and outside. The expanse of the surrounding landscape can already be felt at ground floor level, a quality that will have a direct impact on the use of this courtyard, which is more than just a circulation area providing access: it is a place of encounter and community. The staggering of the building volumes on the “soft” inside supports the villa character of the individual houses and creates intimate places, niches, and retreats for the garden apartments. The terraced layout ensures a pleasant scale, while at the same time the courtyard is occupied and actively used on several levels.