Embedded in the new school park, the canteen is to assert itself as an independent building in a heterogeneous environment between the school buildings and the housing estate of single-family homes and, at the same time, create a spatial termination to the north. We propose a light pavilion with a distinctive roof, which has its own identity and simultaneously in its expression refers to and reinterprets the large roofs that are characteristic of Greven. The exterior and interior merge, the roof structures the building and defines hierarchies: underneath the “big roof” is the central dining hall, which extends across niches, for example the stage, up to the façade. The serving functions such as kitchen, storage and technical rooms as well as toilets are grouped around the hall, while the foyer and entrance area are oriented towards the school. The canteen as a meeting place for the school community is conceived as a market hall where pupils can meet for a meal and exchange news and information. The intention is to spend the lunch break here in a relaxed, secure atmosphere. The bright dining hall with its calm, clear ambience also offers the school a versatile room for celebrations and events.