The site is located in the Lacheren area on the northern edge of the town Schlieren. The quarter is characterised by two- to three-storey residential buildings. The two replacement buildings with 35 apartments harmoniously integrate into the existing layout of the quarter and the northern development. Due to the positioning in the urban context, almost every apartment has two sides with the greatest possible variety of character: on the one hand, the strongly structured, harder back facing Limmatstrasse, on the other hand, the quiet side facing the courtyard. The spatial structure is geometrically dissolved into free forms by means of wall slabs, while the individual rooms remain rectangular and static. The architectural expression of the building is manifested in the duality of the façades: The street façade is designed as a compact system with continuous strips. The slightly golden shimmering glass stripes create a subtle play with the classic themes of horizontal façade structures. Analogous to the horizontal elements on the north side, the vertical structuring elements are designed as panes coated with golden fleece on the rear. These serve to generate solar energy, but, above all, they are design elements which, depending on the incidence of light, lend the courtyard a different atmosphere at any time of day or year.