School Fischbek Falkenberg, Hamburg , 2013, 2nd prize

The grounds of the Fischbek-Falkenberg School (Fischbek location) impress with their green park with an extensive bush and tree population. The architectural concept strengthens the park as the heart of the school landscape. New and old buildings naturally blend in to form an ensemble that defines the site boundaries and simultaneously creates an open and permeable interior space. The given heterogeneity is reduced by the uniform architectural vocabulary of the new buildings as a whole. As two-storey pavilions, the buildings subordinate themselves to the park with its existing trees. At the same time, their limited height allows them to harmoniously merge with the village-like environment. The cubature of the forum also integrate well into its surroundings in terms of expanse and height, as its narrow side opens up to the urban space. This results in a new, explicit presence: A spacious square is created, which clearly defines the entrance situation as an offer for the district to serve as a neighbourhood square, thus integrating the school more strongly into its social environment.