Stadtstück, Schlieren , 2014

Our resident is an urban nomad. He is in his early 20s to late 30s and always on the go: an internship in Dubai, a new love in London, a summer in New York. It’s about keeping as many options open as possible. “… GEORGE ?” is a temporary home, a base camp for excursions to new adventures, the place to return to and be at home within seconds. Individualists and bohemians with a greater experience of life join in. The entire volume will be accommodated in a single building, 9.80 m deep and 500 m long. The building structure is—like a writing—inscribed in the perimeter and generates a lively empty space as a common internal centre. On the edges, the undulating backward and forward movement creates urban niches and gives the complex a distinctive, unmistakable appearance on all sides. The building site is accompanied on both sides by high-speed road axes; the basic figure takes up the theme of dynamics and, in a kind of turbulence, creates an adequate termination to the somewhat uniform rows of buildings from the previous development projects in the direction of the city.